Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Alumalite Zero - Your Answer For Every Trade Show Display Need

Alumalite Zero

DENVER --- Is your company searching the market for a new trade show display, but are limited by a reduced budget to find that top of the line display? If this sounds like your company then Trade Show Emporium believes it can solve your answer with the Alumalite Zero.

This new exhibit is the most advanced, low-cost hybrid trade show display available on the market today. The lightweight and durable Octanorm metal frame allows for quick and easy set up. Add your graphics quickly to the Zero using the magnet to steel mounting system. The frame’s design is also sturdy enough to support flat-screen monitors or televisions, up to 22 inches wide, drawing even more attention to your booth.

Looking for other ways to make the display jump out to? The Zero’s wings and headers come in many different designs allowing for your display to be completely customizable.

Is your company struggling with the cost of shipping your display from show to show? At just 133 pounds, the Alumalite Zero is not only lightweight, but also helps your business slash its shipping costs dramatically.

Not only is Zero a number, but it also represents the number of trade show displays that are able to match the effectiveness, cost, style and design of the new Alumalite Zero from Trade Show Emporium.

For a limited time, if you purchase a Zero, including graphics and counter, you will receive a free eight-inch digital photo frame.

So if this sounds like the perfect display to save your budget, while maintaining your effectiveness at any trade show exhibit, then visit our Web site at www.tradeshowemporium.com or call at 1.866.764.2968.